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 2nd D8  Agricultural Ministerial  Meeting on Food Security

Agriculture is the major economic sector of many developing countries including Developing 8 Countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey). D8 have invaluable resources and potentials to tackle food insecurity challenges which are the most important impediments at national and g lobal levels.

During the First Ministerial Meeting in Cairo on Fisheries on 8 April 2010, the participants approved Iran’s suggestion to host the Second Ministerial Meeting in Tehran. The Ministry of Jihad - e - Agriculture has the honor to invite all Agricultural Ministers concerned to food security and safety issues in D8 and concerned individuals and institutes from public and private sectors to participate at this event and share their experiences with each other and to benefit from their wisdom learned lessons. We are determined to provide proper context while focusing on many subjects related to food security  during this Meeting including agricultural inputs, food standards and livestock foodstuff.

This Meeting will prove to be another milestone in bringing together global wisdom on food security, creating better harmony, sense of direction and more cooperation among member states in future. We feel privileged in being as part of it.

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Message from His Excellency Dr. Sadegh Khalilian,
Minister for Jihad-e-Agriculture
Islamic Republic of Iran

At this time that I am sharing this message with you, more than one billion people, constituting about one sixth of the world's population, suffer from chronic hunger. Without enough food, a large portion of our Muslim brothers and sisters in every corner of the world are unable to actualize their potentials for growth and development that Allah has endowed to mankind.
Therefore, we the Ministers of Agriculture of eight large Muslim countries, have a duty to bring about, by indefatigable effort, all the means for increasing food supplies, advancing sustainable agricultural-led growth, keeping food affordable, and raising the incomes of the poor rural populations. An Indeed this is a sacred duty that is vested on us according to our Religion and the teachings of our Holy Prophet, Hazarat Muhammad (pbuh).
In this context, the leaders of D8 Group in their Kuala Lumpur Summit Declaration (2008), placed high priority on multilateral cooperation in attainment of food security, inter alia, through production and supply of fertilizers, animal feed; and the creation of seed banks to supply quality seeds. The first D-8 Ministers of Agriculture on Food Security (Kuala Lumpur, 25th –27th February 2009 reaffirm their commitment to enhance collaborative efforts in these areas.
We at the Islamic Republic of Iran are honoured and privileged to host the second Meeting of the D-8 Ministers of Agriculture on Food Security on 16-18 May 2011. I hope that our meeting will further translate into action the strong will for cooperation in the field of food security among D8 Group, as evinced in the previous meetings and follow up actions.
In advance, I welcome you all to Tehran and I pray from Almighty most fruitful deliberations during our upcoming ministerial meeting, to the good of the people of our brotherly countries, who deserve the best in the world.



Dr. Sadegh Khalilian,
Minister for Jihad-e-Agriculture
Islamic Republic of Iran


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